Saturday, November 3, 2012

Never Buy Organic Scallions Again...

This past summer, I started incorporating more and more organic produce/vegetables in my diet. One of those are scallions. I use a lot of scallions. I use it in scrambled eggs, soups, fried rice, saut├ęs, mashed potatoes, name it. It is used for it's amazing flavor and also for garnishing your dishes beautifully. I found myself buying this green onion almost every week or so. Usually, to save time, I would buy a good amount of it. Dice it up and freeze it-- but of course, nothing beats having it fresh. I certainly couldn't garnish my meals with frozen scallions...

One day, after cutting and using the green, leafy parts of my scallions. I decided to save the white, rooted portions (as shown below). I cut them down to about four to five inches and placed them into a glass of water by the sink. In less than a week I started noticing that the roots were getting longer and shoots of new scallion leaves were peeking out!
I planted them right away. About six or seven bulbs of green onion went into that pot and that was it...I had fresh, organic scallions all summer long. 
When you are ready to use, cut them down to about three inches high. This way they shoot back up quicker.

See below? those are new shoots that appeared within days...

This also works for many vegetables and produce from the supermarket with roots. I bought lemongrass from the asian supermarket (below). Fresh lemongrass is so difficult to find when you need it. This did not have visible roots but it did have a knot at the bottom of it which can produce roots! I cut them down to about five inches and placed them in water to form roots.
When it started forming roots and new shoots of leaves, I planted them in a pot (below).
Note the brown short leaves? Those were the original lemongrass stems from the supermarket that I cut and planted.
Lemongrass is so fragrant and delicious. It can be used in many thai foods, soups and teas...
Have a Great Weekend all!
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