Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another DIY Tree Wall Decal-FREE Down-loadable Template!!


Hello everyone! Since receiving such great feedback and a great deal of emails for more down-loadable tree decal templates, I have decided to do one for a child's room...A happy little tree.

Use the same guidelines from the First Tree Template I designed. Follow the same steps to print and assemble etc.  See below.  The leaves are in three different sizes and can be cut out of any color paper. You can use contact paper, adhesive wallpaper, construction paper, polka dot gift paper, sticky notes, scrapbook paper or even felt.   

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY Swimwear for PENNIES!


 As Spring is quickly approaching and warm weather is near, swimsuit season is almost here! Hey that rhymed!! :)  I was online looking for a bathing suit and realized that I LOVE this brand of swimwear Beach Bunny Swimwear. They are soo soo sexy and looks almost like lingerie. These are always worn by the gals on the hit TV series Real Housewives of Orange County.  I'm so addicted to that show BTW...OK, so I was amazed at the prices of these items but they are gorgeous! They averaged about $230. Totally worth it to some, but to me, no. Not if I could make it myself  that is...
I love the color combination that they use. Blue/Purple, Pink/Yellow, Blue/white, Pink/White, Black/Black and my favorite, Leopard/Teal Blue...
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