Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Budget Friendly DIY: Mix New Nail Polish Shades!

Hello all! I just wanted to share a quick beauty trick with everyone before the weekend. I used this trick all through my high school years and it worked great. I used to mix and dilute the colors of my nail polish in order to create new and exciting colors for myself.

Now, years later, I'm still mixing but using a slightly higher quality nail polish--ESSIE: This is personally my favorite brand. They last forever and do not chip like other moderately priced brands out there - I only own a few and they are all different shades of pale and pastel pinks. Pale pinks go well with my skin tone and I tend to stick with what works well...

Recently, I forced myself to try something new. I purchased the brightest essie pink I could find and used it a few times. I really tried to get used to it on my nails but it just did not look good on me. No sweat. I mixed my essie pink in (Forget me Nots) with white and produced yet another shade of pale pastel pink for my collection. Yay me! Use just a few drops. Mix well and apply to your nails. If you want it pinker, add more bright pink. This really is that simple!  Think of all the colors you can create with just two shades of nail polish!
You can mix your pink, or any color you wish to transform, with cheap clear or white nail polish. Mix blues and yellows etc...Just experiment with your colors and create an unimaginable collection of nail polish.

Tip: When choosing your low cost clear or white nail polish, be certain to know how that particular brand covers. Some brands have thin, hard brush bristles, that does not cover or apply well at all.
Here is how: Grab your super hot color that you want to dilute...
Below: Forget me Nots mixed with white...Pour...shake...apply...
Below: Forget me Nots mixed with clear...just a few drops to make a sheer pink.
Below: White polish mixed with the above mixure. I loved the sheer-ness of the color above but wanted it a bit more opaque. Love it! I finally get the colors that I want and the quality is great. Being that its mixed with more clear than polish, this is super glossy. Great.

I plan to visit my local Duane Reade or beauty supply store for those inexpensive bottles of white/clear nail polish. How cool would it look if my expanding collection of pale pinks were all the same size and shaped bottles??  Have a fabulous weekend all!
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  1. you are so ingenious, i love all your ideas this one is so simple.


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