Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Fabulous Jewelry-Tree Display

Spring cleaning is in full effect in our home right now and I am coming across things that I have no idea why I felt the need to hold onto. Even things that I have never and will never use. I am finally getting rid of, or giving them away. Even the 40 or so baby food jars that I kept thinking I will do a craft with someday!! I closed my eyes and slowly placed them into the recycling bin. Hubby refuses to ask questions anymore and just surrenders to all the extra pileup of unnecessary things around the house. I spent months organizing and like a maniac, at night, will loose sleep over what next to organize and get rid of. I have to say it's coming along pretty well and things in the house are almost all organized and clutter free! It does feel good. My make-up drawers and costume jewelry collection were the worst. I collected so much over the years and found myself repurchasing the same things over and over because I had forgotten that I already have the same product or earrings somewhere buried in a shoebox. With the new and improved organized me, I gathered all of my shoe boxes filled with jewelry and decided to display or showcase them a bit better. At least a few of my favorite forgotten ones. I want to show you how I made my very own beautiful Jewelry-Tree Display. Check it out -- Mind you,  I might need about 40 of these trees...
Things you will need:
  1. Plant support wire or any sturdy but bendable wire
  2. Wire cutter
  3. Ribbons or Felting wool in green
  4. Silk or fabric flowers
  5. Clear dry craft glue (optional)
First, using your sturdy but bendable wire, cut 12 pieces of wire. Each should be about 14 inches long.
Gather all 12 pieces of wire and twist a few times. If the wires are too stiff to bend all at once, separate into two parts (6 and 6) and twist 6 around the other 6. See below. Leave about 2.5 inches of wire untwisted (see left side of photo below) for the bottom of the tree and about 5 inches untwisted for the top of the tree...(see right side of photo below).
For the top of the tree, go ahead and twist 2 wires together until you are left with 6 branches. For the bottom of the tree, twist 3 wires together until you are left with 4 'roots' :)  You should have something like what is shown below. Separate all the branches evenly all around. For the 'roots', make sure they are evenly spaced and supports your tree well. Bend your tree and branches however you wish to make a realistic looking tree. Bend each of the branches so that when hanging your earrings or jewelry, they will not fall or slide into each other. When you feel that you have the perfect looking tree, wrap with green or black ribbon ( I used stretchy tomato ties below)
You can also use felting wool to cover the tree, which I found at Michaels Craft Store in green. I never used felting wool before and this was truly a fun experiment. I have to say, it is very easy to work with and very different from normal craft felt. It is fluffy and can separate easily. I stripped off pieces of the felting wool and wrapped each branch and the rest of the tree and roots. I tucked all the ends of the felt carefully into the tips of the branches. You can use clear glue if you wish to secure the ends but it is not necessary.
Find the tiniest cluster of flowers you can get your hands on. Pluck them off and insert onto the tip of a wire at the end of your tree branch. If your wire is too thick and cannot fit the flower, glue it on. Glue a few more flowers throughout a few branches if you wish.
Should look like this. The tips of the wires do not show at all! Go ahead and hang those earrings...
So pretty from every angle.

Keep in mind that you can add more wires for more branches and roots and it can be bigger/taller and hold more jewelry. I have tried this with all kinds of wires including sturdy electrical wire.
Hope this is as much fun for you to make as it was for me...

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  1. So pretty! You are so creative!

  2. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    very creative!

  3. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    Thank you for the idea. I love it


  4. Super creative!!! I've decided to follow your blog after I see this... haha... Write some more creative things ya??

  5. Creative!!! Hope you don't mind me lifting the idea. I have been scrapbooking for ages and I'm planning to use this craft to hang my scrapbook ribbons or other supplies. :) thanks for sharing!


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