Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warm and Cozy Nursery Ideas!

I started decorating our nursery in summer of 2008. I was about six months pregnant and was in my nesting phase of the pregnancy.  I had very clear visions of exactly what I wanted. I wanted the room to be warm, cozy and inviting.  I chose a warm yellow paint color that reminded me of summer, sunlight and sunflowers.
I hand painted the happy little trees on the wall.  My feet were swollen for days after doing this.  It took a whole day to paint one tree! The tree on the left (ABOVE) is a mirror image of the tree (BELOW on the right) I traced it on over sized tracing paper and flipped it on the other wall. It saved me a ton of time. I didn't have to design the look and feel of another tree. Anyway, I don't know where I got the energy from but I would never do that again. Very tedious. I fell in love with this bedding set which I got from Lambs & Ivy. I then based the entire room decor from that.  The Trees and paint color.

I painted a matching branch by the light switch days later (after the kankles disappeared).
This lamp came with a white bulb (I think it came with a bulb) but I replaced it with a yellow one to make the room even cozier.
This is a dried gourd lantern that hubby and I fell in love with while in Mexico on our babymoon (its the very last trip away together before baby comes and your life changes forever and ever but its totally worth it and very exciting...gasp) 
I placed shelves around the room at eye level but a little lower than normal. This way, kids can enjoy being able to see or reach them. After all, it is their room right?
See this hamper? For some reason, I received two of them in the mail (from my baby registry).  It was enough fabric to make a pillow and seat cover for my rocking chair with the extra one. (Seat cover shown in one photo below) I have enough fabric left over to make curtain ties or even another pillow.
I used the already rectangle portion of it for the front of my pillow. (shown in blue)
The pillow :)
Pillow and seat cover.  (recent photo, this chair was moved to make room in the nursery, its now in our bedroom). I made the seat cover with the flap cover of the extra hamper.
I got this rocking chair from eBay.  It was in perfect condition but I did not like the fabric it originally came in. I bought a neutral striped fabric and decided to recover this thing. God knows I have never done this before, but like i said...I was in the nesting phase.  Women tend to do the extraordinary.
I took the back cushion, the seat cushion and ottoman cushion and laid them on the fabric flat (doubled). I tightly traced the shape of each one, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance and sewed them together. I re-stuffed it and hand sewed the opening closed. That's it. It's not complicated at all. Just make sure that if you are using a striped fabric such as this, you align your cushions straight and evenly while tracing. Do the same for the arm pieces. The only hard part was the zipper under the ottoman cushion. I don't do zippers. That was rough, it's done very sloppy but NO ONE ever sees that.
What baby sees...
I searched everywhere for a decent priced round or oval rug for the baby's room but could not find one that was less than $200 or $300.  I went to the carpet store and picked out a fluffy remnant piece of carpet for under $30 and had them cut it into an oval. Yes, they can do that.  I had no idea until they mentioned that they could cut out almost any basic shape using a stencil.  I asked jokingly for a dinosaur shaped rug with fangs but the guy was not as amused as I thought he would be :/ Pretty funny I thought...
They cut any size shape you want and bind the edges for roughly $35.
Better view of carpet. Recent photos...
For the closet, I bought these cubby shelves from IKEA and they worked pretty well for little cute things but they were not practical.  They are now out of the closet and against the walls as bookshelves. I have REAL shelves in there now.
Recent photo of the cubby shelves now used as bookshelves, well...kinda.
Recent photo of shelves and lamp in new location...
 Closet view
I hope I've inspired someone out there...I know I've searched online for months to find ideas of what I wanted.  Enjoy...
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  1. beautiful nursery...I love the job the you did with the trees :)

  2. Awesome nursery room i love it, you really inspired me with the design of room and furniture, nice theme Jungle idea

    Nursery Lamps

  3. I love this nursery, it is exactly my taste for my HOUSE! Ha! And it is just what I would want for my baby’s sweet room too. This is the kind of quilt I would like for the back of my couch too..


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