Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shadow Box your most PRECIOUS Memories

Hello all! So, anyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with anything that pertains to keepsakes when it comes to the kids. I have made growth charts. I had their hand and foot dipped in paint and printed. I've molded their hands and feet into sculptures--you name it I've done it! 
I wish somehow I can freeze time and keep them this little for ever but I know they must grow up--but why-why does it have to happen so fast?! I wanted to share one other way that I preserved their things (no body parts this time). I did this about 3 years ago and it has been on my list to show you. I am sure I am not the only one to ever have done this but it's pretty neat! I purchased shadow box frames from IKEA and instead of putting photos in them as I had originally intended, I placed their newborn outfits in them. Safely displayed forever! The frames are about $10 and comes in black or white. The inside panel can either sit against the glass or it can be recessed as shown above. Here are some info below.
My son was born on the snowiest day, one week before Christmas. The hospital dressed him in a candy cane striped hat and socks. This was his first outfit ever and I just had to preserve it. It is unwashed and probably still smells like him as a newborn--yah it's a bit gross but babies don't have too much dirt on them on the first day. The pacifier was also from the hospital. I used Scotch tape to adhere the hat and socks to the back panel--I didn't want to use glue because I didn't want to damage the fabric. I recently thought of placing his first blanket in there also but I didn't want to reopen the frame...
For my second son, I did the same--except I placed a colorful background under the clothing. I also placed his little onsie (shirt) in there along with his hat and socks. I think the shirt still has throw-up on it!!
This is the thickness of the frame- pretty good space for lots more things...
I get all gooey when I think back about them being so little and precious. They grow so fast. At times I am in a hurry to see who they will eventually grow into but at the same time, I am patient. Patient enough to enjoy what they are right now...still little, curious, energetic beings that need your love and attention at all times.
 Enjoy & Please share the love...
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  1. indiengmomApril 19, 2012

    beautiful. I will make one for my son.

  2. This is such a cute idea. I still have the hat and bracelets (and the bellybuttons...ewww) from my two little ones. And, there's an IKEA up the street. I think I have my weekend project lined up!


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