Monday, October 3, 2011

SPOOKY DIY Ghosts for Halloween...

As Summer is suddenly gone, Fall, is boldly taking front and center stage. Leaves have already begun to shed and I immediately feel the mood of all the upcoming fun holidays...sigh, I embrace it. This past weekend I got into the Halloween 'spirit' and made a few crafts with the kids...I mostly used things that I already had at home. I made SPOOKY hanging ghosts! Maybe they were a little too spooky for the kids...

Things that you will need:
  1. Large black or white plastic table cover (or large garbage bags)
  2. Dry cleaning wire hangers
  3. Balloon
  4. Rope or anything to hang your ghost with
  5. Scissor
  6. Glow Stick (optional)
Below, is my table cover, balloons and tea lights that I purchased at the 99 cent store. The table cover measures 54"X108".  (I ended up not using the tea lights, explained later)
I chose to rip the plastic table cover into two halves which gave me perfect squares of 54"X54". Ripping the plastic instead of cutting, gave me a great weathered edge.  Go ahead and try to get the same affect throughout the remaining 3 sides of your square. I lightly pulled the plastic apart 2 inches at a time to get a similar look as seen below.
I used a medium sized, helium quality balloon (helium not necessary).  Blow it up roughly the size of a human head. The smaller your balloon, the less cloth' you will need to cover it. This way, your black cloak for the 'ghost' will be longer and will look better. Longer the better.
Here is how I made this-See above illustration. I had to use an illustration because I didn't have a chance to photograph the steps because it honestly took me about five minutes to finish this thing. Really simple and easy to do. I now realized that I should have photographed it since it took me way too long to put together this illustration :)
  1. Place balloon in one corner of your square as shown.
  2. Fold over so that the entire balloon is covered. Tie and secure with tape, rope, ribbon etc.
  3. Should look like #3
  4. Place wire hanger on the INSIDE as shown. This is the shoulder of your spook'.
  5. Make sure the HOOK of your hanger is pierced through the plastic cover. This can be used to hang on nails, or tree branches.
For the eyes: Use a scissor to cut out the eyes by pinching the plastic and cutting it at a slant. It should look angry or evil! Careful not to pop your balloon...The white of the balloon would glow if a glow stick was inserted.

Tip: Insert Glow Sticks inside of the balloons for an even scarier party. I tried inserting tea lights but that was a fail since it popped my balloon!

 First image of tree is courtesy of photographer David Julian  
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  1. Great idea Trish!!!!!!I will definitely be doing this for my outdoors decoration. Please do a creative tutorial on Pumpkin carving;-)

  2. This is a great idea! I've been looking for a simple way to make ghosts and I think this is it!


  3. Excellent idea

  4. Hello, I speak Spanish.¡Its Great!

  5. ojala que me entiendan

    la verdad yo lo hice y me gusto como me quedo porque espanto a varias personas y me rei mucho y espero que inventen otras cosas que den miedo



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