Friday, June 15, 2012

2 Great Make-Up Tips

I know most girls have this issue. Your lip gloss can cost anywhere from $3.00 to $26.00 depending on the brand. You get great use out of it over a few weeks time period. Then all of a sudden the last 1/6th of the tube is unreachable! The wand to your lip gloss cannot reach the bottom of your tube and you need that extra glob to hold you through until the next pit stop to the make up counter...It is such a waste of good product I tell ya!

I have a trick that a friend recently taught me. Apparently, everyone knew this except me...Grab a cup of hot water. The temperature of the water should be what you would use for a cup of tea. Fill the cup enough to cover the lip gloss tube up to the top. Make sure the cover is not submerged in water. Have the water hit the tube about a half inch below where the tube cover or cap is.

Wait about 10 minutes and you will see the lip gloss inside will just melt off of the insides of the clear tube. You will see all the lip gloss pool to the bottom. This works so well. It's unreal that I never knew about this one...I could have saved so much money...

Guess what. I checked my make up bag and found my dried up mascara that I also need to replace very soon. I dunked that into the hot water. This also works on mascara!

 This was how it looked before...Dried up and on its last lap.
After 10 minutes in the hot water...
The brush looks like new and as moist as ever...No more clumps on your lashes. If it is really really dried out, add ONE drop of water or saline inside the mascara tube then place in the hot water.
These little tricks will save money in the long run and it also helps buy time until we get to renew our makeup stash...Not easy for busy women on the run.
Have a GREAT weekend all!
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  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2012

    I published the translated tutorial of the apple clay jar. I hope you like it! :) thank you again

  2. Neat! I had no idea... thanks for the tip.

  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2012

    Great tip!! Would you mind if I link up to it on my next make-up post?

  4. This trick is the answer to my prayers!!! Who'd of thunk it? From now on, I will be getting every drop of lip gloss from its tube and maybe will try the mascara method as well!!! Thanks!

  5. I feel so dumb lol!!! I wish I would have thought of this perfectly simple and easy trick before I plopped my lipgloss in the microwave-true story! *facepalm*

  6. AnonymousJuly 01, 2013

    I wonder if it works with nail polish


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