Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Holiday String Lights

Hey all. I am in full swing of all things Christmas and Holiday'ish. I have been working on all Holiday crafts. It's the best time of the year! I get all cozy and creative with just about anything. I made these strings lights for our dining room table. Check out the ones I made a few years ago-String Lights.

Things you will need:
  1. White tissue paper of coffee filters
  2. Battery operated LED string lights
  3. Scissor
Grab your tissue paper and cut them into (roughly) 4x5 inch squares. Fold a bunch of them at once into four. See first pic below. Cut a leaf shape out as shown. Use a coffee filter if you want. Fold and cut into any size leaf...

Take two of the sheets and offset the leaves so that they look like shown below. I guess they can be called petals now.
Remove the bulb from your LED string lights. LED lights does not get hot like the other kinds of lights do.
Place the bulb in the middle of the petals as shown.
Place the bulb into the socket as shown.
Fit it in all the way until the bulb lights up. If it does not, that means that the tissue paper did not rip while being pushed in. Remove it and check. Make sure the little copper wires on the bottom of the bulb are completely exposed and is NOT touching the tissue paper.
Should look like this.
You can avoid all the pushing in and removing by just cutting a tiny opening for the bottom of the bulb to go through but I find doing this avoids making too big of an opening. That can cause the leaves be too floppy.
Ain't it pretty?!
You can use colored tissue paper. You can use all white lights. The possibilities are so exciting.
Place this on your table curled around your centerpiece vase and is really cute.
Enjoy all. Have a wonderful holiday season spending time with the ones you love. After all, that is what matters the most in life...
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  1. This is pretty, but I guess I would be too afraid something might catch fire.


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