Friday, November 16, 2012

Budget Friendly Christmas Decor

Like making cone trees? I can never get tired of seeing them. They are so expensive looking but so inexpensive to make. These two cone trees cost me nothing to make. I had everything I needed right at home. 

Things you will need:
  1. 8.5x11 inch printer paper
  2. Used tissue gift paper
  3. Scotch tape
  4. Elmer's School glue
I was inspired by these trees from Aren't they adorable? I love walking into that store and feeling like I can make almost anything in there. Hah, well except for the furniture...
So here it is. I used printer paper to make my cones. I wanted the cones to be tall so I had to figure out a way to keep the height plus have them wide at the bottom...Notice how the cone below is the same height of my paper?
Fold or roll your paper at one corner (lengthwise).
As shown...
Roll the tip of your cone tightly and notice how the bottom can either be narrow or wide as shown below.
Secure the tip with scotch tape.
It's OK if it looks like this below. Just keep in mind we are looking to keep the height and have a tall TREE.
Make another one but DO NOT secure the tip with tape.
Place that cone inside the other...
Rotate it until the opened spaces are filled as shown below...Since the one inside is not taped it will open and fill into the outer cone exactly.
Tape the two cones together so that it does not slide and fall apart.
It should look like this...
Cut the pointy tips off.
It should stand straight and even as shown below. Make another one the same height or shorter. For a pretty landscape of trees, they should all be different heights and widths.
Grab any used tissue gift paper. Smooth it out. Fold neatly into squares and cut out tiny leaves. 
For easy, fast application, pour the glue out onto a clean surface and dip the leaves into it. This saves a lot of time believe it or not.
Start at the bottom of the cone and glue your leaves kinda hanging off as shown.
After the first row is complete, offset the next row so that the leaves are between the last row.
Continue towards the top of the cone. It's already looking so pretty.
This was honestly so easy and fun to do. It's great craft idea for kids and teenagers to do.
When you get to the top, just fold one leaf over and glue neatly.
I was curious to see what would happen if I sprayed glitter all over my tree...Make sure to spray at a distance. You don't want a wet tissue paper tree. Not cool.
For the second cone, I decided to cut it half its height.
Cover it with leaves-I should have used a darker green of tissue paper for the second tree but I had lots of light green leaves left over from the first tree. You can do multiple colors of green on one tree to add contrast and interest.
Pretty. Not bad for free huh?
Enjoy! Don't forget to leave me your comments...
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  1. Pretty! I love that you dont need to buy the expensive foam cones to do this. How long did this take to make?

  2. Thanks for the great question and comment-It took about 15 minutes to make one cone-but it really depends on how tall or wide your cone is...


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