Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Make Earrings to Match Your Necklaces PERFECTLY!

Ever find that perfect necklace but cannot find the earrings that goes with it? Or if you do find the earrings, its the most hideous thing ever? I have really gotten into chunky necklaces or big statement pieces but at times its hard to find the complete set that actually looks good as a set. I know you girls know what I'm talking about...I wanted to share a really great and easy idea with you to solve that issue. It takes NO experience in jewelry making or skills. Trust me because I have none. At all.
Get out your favorite necklaces that you have no earrings for.  Necklaces that have dangling parts or beads works best. I will show you how I made these earrings from my favorite necklace.


Things you will need:
  • Super glue/hot glue gun or jewelry tacky glue
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Earring pieces from craft stores or old unused earrings
  • Favorite necklace

Below, are earrings pieces that you can find at the jewelry making stores (all over mid-town Manhattan or most craft stores in the jewelry making department). You can basically create your own earrings by adding beads, stones, gems etc. Pick your favorite style, length or finish.
If you do not have the time to visit the craft store, you can use a pair of earrings that you are not using anymore. Use that pair of hideous earrings that came from that ugly jewelry set that you didn't like so much :)  I used a cheap pearl earring. The point is to remove the pearl from the backing so that you can glue your own bead on it. I held the back firmly with my needle nose pliers and held the pearl with a regular pliers. It snaps off easily. If not, twist it off using some good old elbow grease.
Find a part of your necklace that is a size you would want for your earrings. Keep in mind that when you remove a part of the necklace on one side, you must remove the same part on the other side. Also remove pieces that wont look obvious or missing. I used a small bead that is located towards the closures-This area is usually covered by your hair or clothing anyway...
This is so easy to remove, especially with a needle nose pliers, can you tell I love this thing?? its sooo useful.
Remove the wires that held the beads to the necklace.
Get out your glue, this is what you can use but a hot glue gun works best. Fill the earring backing with glue halfway and set your bead on top. Let dry. I used my pliers to hold it straight up while it dries.
That's it! Done. Now you have a perfect matching set.
Below, are some other styles of earrings that I have made out of necklaces...

Images of earring backings are from michaels.com
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  1. You are so handy! I think I need to buy a needle plier!

  2. Great tip! Thanks for sharing. I have featured and linked to your post here -



  3. I am glad you shared this detailed tutorial. I have a necklace that is just perfect for this little DIY.

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