Friday, August 10, 2012

Kids Summer Project: Cute as a BUTTON!

Hello all. I found these cute little buttons while cleaning up my craft 'room' area. Not sure where they came from but I looked at them and saw a cute face looking back at me. Two 'button' eyes and a big round face :) I immediately thought of stitching them on a t-shirt and adding stick figures to them. You would have thought the same thing...right?

Things you will need:
  1. Buttons with two eyes not four
  2. Black fabric marker OR needle and thick black thread or yarn
  3. T-Shirt or any other clothing (jeans etc.)
  4. Acrylic paint, white out or Sharpies for making eyes, lips etc. (optional)

You can paint your faces on before or after stitching onto the t-shirt...Make sure to stitch them on tightly, especially for younger children's clothing. Use black thread, the stitching will look like 'pupils'.
I used a pencil to lightly sketch my stick figures out and then used a black fabric marker to make permanent. You can use a black sharpie also but it sometimes washes out...
Tip: Place the button 'faces' where you want, then sketch your stick figures with a pencil. You can also place the buttons on a sheet of paper (the size of your t-shirt area) sketch with the buttons in place and then trace on the t-shirt.
Below, is an example of the stick figures sketched (left) and sewn with yarn (right)
Enjoy coming up with your own creations of button faces and bodies...I love this one with the cape! 
It was done on paper. I might just frame it...
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  1. This looks so so cute! Thank you for sharing :). Glad I found your awesome blog!!


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