Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Transform Tea Cup with Baking Clay ~ Fun Craft Project!

Ever wonder what you can do to upcycle those old, mis-matched tea cups? Below is a teacup that was once part of a 16 piece dish set. It was our very first dish set as a married couple and it kinda hurt to just toss it away. It was the only item left out of the entire set so I decided to keep it. The cup is very small so I don't even use it since all of our new cups are much larger and white.

Below, is a photo of the tea cup before it's transformation...Let me show you how to make it into a charming little teapot planter (above).

Things you will need:
  1. Old teacup
  2. Baking or air dry clay (I used Super Sculpey  baking clay)
  3. Oven
Roll a piece of Super Sculpey into a smooth thin log and cut into three or four pieces. It depends how many feet you want your teapot to have.
Roll the three or four pieces into balls and place evenly spaced onto the bottom of your cup. Press them firmly and shape them if you wish...Place the cup standing upright and press the cup firmly down with even pressure to flatten the 'feet'. See photos below. I decided last minute to add a fourth foot...Place the feet evenly spaced out and inline with the handle of your cup and eventually, your 'spout'.

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