Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Say GoodBye to Make-Up Clutter Forever!


In this post, I want to show you how to compact your makeup into a tiny carrying case. For years I have been walking around with these evening clutches that barely carried my ID, makeup and phone. I would have to choose whether the makeup comes along for the night or the phone. Both are extremely important- Usually, the phone gets left in the car because god knows, a girl needs her makeup for quick touch-ups during an evening out on the town.

Things you will need:
  • Cigarette Case- any size you want
  • Sharp pointy knife, {eyebrow tweezer optional}
  • Your makeup to De-pot (remove)
  • Pan or flat bakeware for stovetop - use low heat please

I started searching on Google to find makeup brands that carried compact versions of the makeup I use-but no Luck :(  Makeup companies sell these bulky packaged products that are so unnecessary.  Its mostly to hide how little the amount of actual product they sell to you for the steep price! For example, I recently bought this eyebrow pencil from Sephora for $20. You would think the entire thing was filled with product. Nope, not at all.

The image above shows the eyebrow pencil fully extended.  That's it? that's all that's in there??? It all amounts to 0.002 oz...I think if I rolled it into a ball, it'll be smaller than a single green pea.

To further frustrate myself- I compared it to a quarter ( US currency) tiny huh?

My two year old son got super excited when he saw what I was doing and started grabbing everything off my set. ( I was sitting on the floor doing this) OK, so back to the point of having no space in my evening clutch/purse or wallet. I came across this fantastic idea that I would love to share with you because I know i'm not the only one with this problem. There is an amazing and brilliant product on the market called UNII for $30. This product allows you to remove (depot) makeup from its bulky container and store them all in one case. All different brands and sizes. My idea is the same except it is only $10.00! I used a cigarette case-The cigarette case measures just under 5 inches long and under 3 inches wide. It is thee PERFECT size for my makeup and purse. It fits flat and compact. There are smaller cases on the market but this size is perfect for me. There are videos and all kinds of tutorials on Depotting your makeup.  Also Google Depot Makeup for more info. After you depot your makeup--there is glue on the bottom of each bin-the glue helps to adhere to the cigarette case and stays put. I replaced my big blush brush with a smaller one and fitted my eyeliner, eye highlighter (white pencil shown) and brow pencil by cutting them in half.  You can Add eyeshadows etc. (I used an empty eyeshadow bin to store a little of the cheek glow instead of putting that big one in the case, which took up too much room). As for a mirror, this case shown below, has a perfect and clear reflective cover. If the case you happen to purchase do not have a mirror-like reflection, you can always depot a mirror from one of your discarded makeup containers and glue on top of the case.

As for how this fits into my purse now? -What a miracle...and I can even fit the phone in with space left over for lipsticks.

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  1. Oooohhh, to shrink my makeup for on-the-go . . . I LOVE this idea. I've been wanting something like this for years! Thanks so much for sharing this, now on the lookout for the perfect cigarette container. Love all your ideas!


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