Thursday, June 28, 2012

EASY to Make Colored Salt/Sugar, So Festive!

Ever go to a party or gathering and the simplest things excite you? I love the little tiny details that a host/hostess puts into their parties. It shows that they went the extra step to make everyone feel welcomed and happy...

I saw a photo from that inspired me to do this for 4th of July celebrations. It is a photo of a red, white and blue cocktail with blue salt or sugar on the rim of the glasses. I have seen these many times but I had no idea that you can make it yourself. It takes about 10 minutes to do and it is sure to be a hit at your next gathering. It's also very inexpensive...Here is how.

Things you will need:
  1. Food coloring in red and blue (gel food colors works best)
  2. White sugar or salt
  3. ZipLoc sandwich bags
  4. Rolling pin or any cylindrical bottle as roller (optional)

Use gel food colors if you have them. They do not leave your salt or sugar wet like the liquid ones do.
I placed 3 table spoons of white sugar into my ZipLoc bags...My bag of white sugar was lumpy because it has been sitting in the pantry for years.
Use anything to dip into your gel color...I used a wooden shish kabob stick. Dip a little at a time since this gel stuff is pretty concentrated.
Make sure there are no lumps in your sugar. Roll them out with your rolling pin if you have any.
Get all the gel off the stick, every drop counts!
Seal the bag, making sure no air is inside to inflate the bag. Lay flat, squeeze all air out and seal. This, I find, helps to mix it up faster and easier.

Give the kids to run around the house with it for a few hours--I would double and triple seal that bag though :) Kids love watching the colors transform from white to whatever color is added. It's like magic to them...This will look super cute on their cupcakes!
So if you do not have hours to wait around for your colored sugar or salt, try takes about 10 minutes or less. Get a rolling pin or wine bottle and (with no air in ZipLoc bag) roll the color in. This mixes up very well and fast. Every couple of rolls, take the bag and shake it up. Turn it over and roll again.
Roll, roll, roll, shake, mix, shake, roll...
This is what you get in to no at all. So pretty. Dirt Cheap. Fun.
I was having way too much fun photographing this. It was a bit difficult to capture how pretty the colored sugared crystals were.
OK, I lost track of the real reason I wanted to do this. Cocktails! I poured the 3 colors  onto a plate. Wet the rim of my margarita glass with a lime wedge and dipped it into all 3 colors at once.
This is exactly how I pictured it in my head! It came out so cute with the red, white and blue sugar...
I left the room for a minute to change the camera lens and this is what was left of my glass! Most of my colored sugar was eaten was very funny. Thank god I got one decent shot of it before the sugar hunters came out to feed...
Below, Is a cake I did in March for my sons 2nd birthday. I had to buy that blue sugar but I know better now. So much can be done with the things that you may already have at home.
This image is from
Have a happy and safe Fourth of July everyone!
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  1. What a great and easy idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You make it seem so easy .. thanks for the great ideas! :) Charvi


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