Friday, September 21, 2012

"NEAT" Way to Store Hair Tools!

Hello all. You would never know what is hidden behind this sink on the other side of it (above). I have to give credit to my hubby for this one. He noticed the mess my hair tools and his hair trimmers were making. Wires and cords were everywhere, tangled, and in a complete disarray. He attached a few curved screws into our sink vanity and saved the day. Now, passing by or walking into our bathroom, you would not see the mess that was once there. Instead of putting away the curling irons, hair dryers, trimmers and flat irons every time we used it, it is hung neatly for quick, easy access. Believe me this saves me so much time!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pottery Barn Knock-Off: Spooky Halloween Branches

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my weekend project with you. I fell in LOVE with these pottery barn aspen branches! They are so SPOOKY!! As you can see they are no longer available online but no can make them yourself! All you need is a branch from your backyard, white spray paint and a black garbage bag. Yes, here's how...

Grab a store bought branch or one from the yard and spray paint it white.
Cut up a large, black garbage bag as shown below. This bag was folded in 4 and cut into 3 inch strips...
Fold over the 3 inch strips to create more layers as shown.
Cut a leaf pattern out with the base of the leaf on the folds...
Cut out more leaves if you have space on top also...
They should look like this - if it's not perfect thats OK!
Don't they look like mustaches?
I ended up using the smaller leaves more (left) They hung better on the branches...Use the smaller ones on the top/tip of branches and larger ones towards the bottom.
Tie the leaves around the branch and pull into a TIGHT knot. Then squeeze to fold over as shown...
Looks like spooky leaves to me!
You can tie the leaves unevenly around the stems. This way it creates two different size leaves. It's more realistic...
And there you go...your very own EASY to make, spooky branches. Just in time for those halloween parties and entry way decor.
Have a Safe and Happy Halloween everyone! 
Check out my other project SPOOKY DIY GHOST!
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Organize Your Life-Keep Your Sanity!

While most times I dread cleaning on the weekends, recently I have been looking forward to it. I started organizing room by room in our home and it feels great. I do not consider myself the most organized person, however, I do get into a nesting craze once in a while. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing things in its place, tidy and easy to find. When things are easy to find and organized, it makes life so much easier. Especially when you have small children. You, as the parent, must do everything for them. So, of course you need to know where everything is at any given moment. It helps to keep the sanity at home, whilst traveling in the car, or travelng abroad.

With that being said, I discovered clear zippered vinyl bags about 6 years ago. I have always kept the zippered vinyl bags that sheets, bedding or curtains came in. They are just so useful. Besides being a borderline hoarder, I kept them for numorius usage around the house.
Ready for the millions of things I used these bags for?
  1. Pampers and wipes kit (car)
  2. Kids emergency outfits (car)
  3. Tiny toy pieces (home, car)
  4. Books (home, car)
  5. Picnic blanket (car)
  6. Emergency kit (car)
  7. Cosmetics/toiletries (traveling, home)
  8. Shoes (traveling)
  9. Each child outfit per bag (traveling)
  10. Swimwear (traveling, home)
  11. Kids swim gear (traveling, home)
  12. Wet clothing (traveling)
  13. Accessories (traveling, home)
  14. Beach toys (traveling, home)
  15. Kids activity sets (traveling, home, car)
  16. Sheet sets (home)
  17. Odd pillow cases (home)
  18. Seasonal curtains (home)
  19. Seasonal towels (home)
  20. Seasonal decor (home)
  21. Nail polish/nail tools (home)
  22. Puzzle pieces (home)
  23. Craft fabrics (home)
  24. Craft supplies (home)
  25. Hobbies by the bag (home)
  26. Marbles (home)
  27. Ribbons, ropes, ties, wires, tapes (home)
  28. Sewing items (home)
  29. Sweaters (home)
  30. School supplies (home)
  31. Crayons, paints, brushes, markers (home)
  32. Old Christmas photo cards (home)
  33. Scrapbook items (home)
  34. Missing socks (home)
  35. Priceless first outfits worth keeping (home)
  36. Baby blankets (home)
  37. All medications for kids in one bag (home, traveling, car)
  38. Adult medications (home, traveling)

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Make Toddler Play Food for Under $4


Things you will need:
  1. Dollar store natural colored sponge pack of 4
  2. Eight Felt sheets- pink, green, light green, yellow, light yellow, white, off white, dark red
  3. Scissor
  4. Brown, red, white and yellow acrylic paints
  5. Black and green sharpies
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Custard Ice Blocks: A Delicious Childhood Treat!

Growing up in Guyana, a South American country, this was a favorite treat of mine. On hot, sweltering days, my sister and I would run up to our grandmother with the biggest puppy-dog eyes and ask for money to buy custard blocks from the neighbor. Back in the early 70's in Guyana, only a few people had big enough freezers to accommodate items other than the bare necessities. Those who had huge freezers made homemade frozen treats such as custard blocks in order to sell and make a living. The word block came from the way it was frozen in shallow pans and then cut into blocks in order to serve or sell. We would buy one block each. The blocks were the size of an ice cube but it was just enough for us and super delicious. We savored every drop of it, even if it leaked all over our fingers and down to our elbows! Ah, the good old days, how I miss you...
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make Hobnail Vases with Split Peas!

Spiked vases/planters are very popular these days especially in white ceramic (see pic below). Most crafters can easily achieve the faux ceramic look with puffy paint (bumps/nails) and white spray paint. It's very easy to get that look with puffy paint but it also means making a trip to your local craft store for that. Nothing wrong with that, since craft stores are my favorite places to go, but sometimes we just don't have the time or extra cash. I looked around in my cupboards and pantry and found the perfect solution. Split peas. Yes, I made this beautiful vase with split peas and glue. Here's how...

Things you will need:
  1. Yellow/green split peas
  2. Hot glue gun or any strong glue
  3. Ugly vase, bottle, planter etc.
  4. Spray paint of choice
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