Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Box Car Drive-in-Movie! Perfect Party Idea!

I suggested, to a few moms, that we do a Drive-in-Movie night and a good friend of ours agreed to host it. She  happens to have a beautiful, spacious yard. This idea quickly formed and happened almost right away since it was a beautiful weekend ahead with no chance of rain...for once!

This Drive-in-Movie idea has to be one of the coolest activity I've ever seen for kids. It's easy, super creative, inexpensive and packed with tons of fun. It keeps them busy for hours...what more can a parent ask for? I saw this on a few blogs out there but the first time was here. They had a ticket booth, popcorn stand and everything set up! Way cool.

Things you will need:
  1. Cardboard boxes
  2. Box cutter for adult use only (optional)
  3. Acrylic paints, big and small sized brushes
  4. Small paper plates for wheels
  5. Projector, screen (or white sheet) DVD player and speakers 
  6. Wide tape for attaching the wheels (optional)

Get any size box that you think your kids can fit in comfortably. I had a few that I contributed to the drive-in-movie event. My sister on the other hand had to scour the neighborhood CVS pharmacy for extra boxes to accommodate other kids wanting to join last minute. In order to grab the boxes from the pharmacy immediately, she actually helped the vendors unpack tons of Scott tissue boxes onto the shelves just so that she can have the boxes. In her cute summer dress and all. So funny but she saved the day.

The kids wasted no time when it came to painting. The older kids were very neat and precise with their painting. The younger ones smeared the paint on their hands, hair, faces etc. This was more like sensory play for them, which is also OK. It's all in the fun. The parents got very creative cutting the boxes into interesting shapes. Some left it the way it is.

Tip: Fold the flaps in instead of cutting them off. This helps to keep the box sturdy when the kids are leaning against the sides.

Provide as much paint and brushes as possible. Big brushes for a speedy paint job or small brushes for a lengthy paint job. This is key for determining how long you want them to be occupied. Ha.
When the little ones got through with the painting, big brothers, sisters and moms joined in to help.
Great bonding experience. Some moms took over and made it extra special for their little ones...fun for all ages!
The drying area!
How cool!
Quality check in progress...
Inspecting the paint jobs, 'kicking the tires'...Making sure all is good.
Hubby had to do the technical part of setting up the projector and DVD player...If you do not have a screen, you can use any white wall or hang a white sheet.
Waiting for dusk.
The movie choice of the night: Disneys' Cars. How suiting- Not a favorite of mine but the kids liked it. I was fighting for Ratatouille but no luck :/
The night was a major success. The kids were thoroughly entertained making their own box cars during the day. At dusk, they relaxed and watched a movie. Hand out pillows, popcorn, juices etc.
While the kids enjoyed the movie, the adults had time to unwind, eat, grab a cocktail or two and enjoy the beautiful summer night.
While some kids fell asleep during the movie and were moved indoors...
Some adults felt the need to occupy the unattended 'cars' to enjoy the rest of the movie...My silly sister. After all, she deserved to sit in one since she 'found' most of the boxes at the local CVS...
Happy Summer everyone! Please share and spread this idea to your schools, family etc...
It's sure to be a huge hit!
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  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2012

    That was an awesome nite for adds and kids .. Great summer fun !!

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2012

    That was definitely more fun than I expected ! We all had a blast .. My son brought his box car home .. Now it is in our living room .. Great idea sis !

  3. Did you rent the projector or do you own it? If you own it, would you mind sharing the type and model number?

    1. Hello lanelyoder, We borrowed it and I believe you can get them at Staples office supplies. I am sorry I do not know the brand of it...

  4. This is so cool. The box car idea is really thinking outside the box :-)

  5. This is so cool. The box car idea is really thinking outside the box :-)


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