Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Make Candle Holders from Baby Food Jars

I can NEVER throw away an empty food jar- especially one that is glass and has a sturdy lid. In MOST cases I will reuse them to store food or sauces. In this case I made a candle holder :) In getting to know me a little more- You will find out that I am addicted to anything that can hold a candle or is candle related.

Things you will need:
  • Empty baby food jar. I used a 4oz.
  • Any round organza fabric-about 9" in diameter
  • Rubber band
  • Tea light
  • Ribbons, trims, flowers etc. (optional)

First wash clean. Dry, and remove label.

I used a party-favor organza piece of fabric (found at 99¢ stores or craft stores ) They are pre-cut and sometimes have pretty edges already! If not cut to some of your own. People usually use these to wrap mints.
You can gather just as is (left) Or follow what I did on the right. I folded the circle fabric about 4 or 5 times and held it above the flame, just high enough to get slight heat (not too much or it'll burn ) Doing this will create a slight petal look to the fabric.
Gather with rubber band and make sure no fabric is leaning over the candle by bending the (petals) backwards and away from the flame. I've used a tea-light candle which fits perfectly. You can also use ribbons or raffia ribbons over the rubber band. You can glue on gemstones, crystals or beads to match table settings etc. The possibilities are endless...Just have fun with it and be creative.
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  1. You are seriously crafty! I have a baby shower to plan in October (just was notified of pregnancy) and this is a definite on the tables!

  2. I will follow up your lead on this one. I have a lot of jars that are just waiting to be re-decorated into something quite lovely as this.


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