Monday, February 7, 2011

PERFECT Wedding/Party Favors...for a Dollar!

Wedding season is almost here, and a lot of brides are knee deep in searching for the perfect dress, venue, florist, and other details. Things can get very expensive VERY fast. The budget you set out to spend is almost never the amount you end up spending.  It's almost always way more.  These days, couples are spending far less, especially on things like flowers, table centerpieces and favors.  However, that does not mean that the wedding has to be any less extravagant! I found these amazing favors ideas at the Jack's 99 cent store in midtown Manhattan (New York).  I suggest you RUN over there if you are in the area. They do not last very long. These are just a few of their selection. Keep in mind that some of the candles come in many different colors also. They can be used for bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries etc. They are sure to be a hit at your next event. If there are no Jack's stores near you, find your local dollar stores and hunt for their treasures. You'd be surprised at what you will find!

This came in a box with a clear cover (Candle). Wrap the boxes in gift paper or tissue paper to match your wedding or party theme. They are so beautifully packaged already it might not be necessary.  Wrap ribbons on them to match the theme instead.
This came in a box with a clear cover.  My hands are in the shots below to show the rough sizes of each item. (Candle)
No box. (Candle)
No box. (Candle) Perfect for a beach or destination wedding favor.
Came in a box as shown on the left. (Fragrant Candle) This is perfect for a spring time bridal shower favor.
Came in a box with a clear cover. (Candles & Incense Kit)
This came in a box as shown. (Candle & Aroma Diffuser)
Came in a box as shown. (Aroma Diffuser)
Came in a box with a clear cover. (Candle)
No box. (Candle)
No box. (Candle)
This came in a clear box as shown. (Candle)
Pretty glass frame. This came in a clear plastic wrap.
This tin container can be used as a vase or a favor holder.
It's amazing what great finds you can buy for just a dollar.  The quality of all the products above are excellent. As long as you have an eye for well made, affordable items, you can always save tons of money when planning a wedding or event. Please share with anyone that has an event coming up! 
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  1. What lovely candle holders! We had our 12th garden wedding at our house last year and it sure can get expensive. I will keep these ideas in mind. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, hope it helps in the future...

  3. What a gorgeous post and a great idea! I just featured it on the DIY Weddings blog on Craft Gossip. I just became a follower so I won't miss one bit of crafty goodness! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Thanks Kimberly! Now I definitely have to keep up the good work...
    Thanks for posting and featuring my work.

  5. These are all perfect candle holders. These could also be be perfect giveaways for a wedding. By the way, I like how you photographed these candle holders. They all look beautiful.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love the smell of scented candles. That blue aromatherapy diffuser is pretty. It will blend perfectly in my living room.

  8. I really loved the coffee but it looks too delicious to just be a candle which is kind of disappointing because that means you would develop a craving but all you have is wax.


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