Friday, September 21, 2012

"NEAT" Way to Store Hair Tools!

Hello all. You would never know what is hidden behind this sink on the other side of it (above). I have to give credit to my hubby for this one. He noticed the mess my hair tools and his hair trimmers were making. Wires and cords were everywhere, tangled, and in a complete disarray. He attached a few curved screws into our sink vanity and saved the day. Now, passing by or walking into our bathroom, you would not see the mess that was once there. Instead of putting away the curling irons, hair dryers, trimmers and flat irons every time we used it, it is hung neatly for quick, easy access. Believe me this saves me so much time!
It helps big time that I have an outlet right on the sink vanity but If you do not have one, you can still hang your tools there for easy access. Tie a knot on the cord about 10 inches from the handle and hang. This prevents the tool from sliding off the hook and hitting the floor.

Use these removable hooks if you are renting or own your home and do not want to drill a hole into the vanity's surface...I am 'hooked' on these things. They so are easy to apply, remove, rehang and can hold heavy items.

Hang your toddler toilet-training seat out of the way...
These are the hooks...they can be found almost everywhere.
Here is some info I grabbed online...

Walmart has all kinds and designs...
Container Store has the designer looks -silver finishes that looks classy enough to match your decor at home

Hope you are inspired to try these for your hair tools!
Have a great weekend all.
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  1. Nice idea ... can't have plugs in the bathroom in the UK !


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