Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY Sparkly Holiday Earrings

Hello! I just wanted to share a quick fashion trick that I did for an upcoming party. I have a pretty tan dress with hints of gold and I wanted to accessorize it with the perfect gold hoop earrings. I have tons of faded jewelry that I absolutely love and can't seem to throw away...I hate when they live such a short golden or silver life! Here is what I did to fix one pair...

Below are the before and after versions.

Things you will need:
  1. Shiny trimmings or strands of sequins
  2. Gold or silver jewelry wires (thread also works)
  3. Faded hoops
I found these pretty gold and silver trimmings at the fabric store. They were about half inch in thickness and very detailed...I bought one yard of each color.
Using your thin jewelry wire or thread, wrap the frayed ends onto the earrings on one end of the hoop and tie tightly. Wrap the trimming around the hoop until it covers the entire hoop. Cut off the extra trimming and secure it with the jewelry wire at the other end. I didn't have gold jewelry wire so I used silver instead. I ended up using gold paint to blend it in with the gold trimming.
TIP: Wrapping a wider trimming requires less in length. The thinner the trimming, the more you will need to cover your hoop etc. This hoop was large, so it required less than half of a yard to cover it. I was truly amazed at how fast half of a yard was used up!
This took me about twenty minutes to complete and it came out so pretty! I cannot wait to wear it :)

I hope you have enjoyed yet another crafty adventure of mine...
To cover one pair of large faded hoops, I used less than one yard of shiny, sexy trimming for both. It cost me only $2.99 per yard and they look amazing. Share this tutorial with all your Diva friends who love DIY beauty and fashion tips. Think of all the possibilities!!
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  1. Saw this on Pinterest... Really effective and really cute make-over of those earrings! Love it!


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