Wednesday, October 26, 2011

T-Shirt Art at Home! *NO PAINT NEEDED*

Bloody and creepy. Here is a fun activity to do for Halloween. This is intended for older kids or adults. I did this for my toddler but I did not want to scare him too much so I placed the image on the back of his shirt. At least he can scare others but not himself!

Things you will need:
  1. Black shirt
  2. Bleach
  3. Water
  4. Cheap paint brush
  5. Piece of cardboard
Find a black shirt.
Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt.

I placed my cardboard sideways since it fits more snug like that and kept my t-shirt more flat and smooth.
Grab your bleach and take a cap full of bleach and mix with a cap full of water. (50% bleach and 50% water). I used a cheap childrens paintbrush to paint my image.
Start painting and almost immediately, you will see your image surface. The reason why I chose a black shirt? Bleach shows up RED on black fabrics. No need to run out to the craft store for expensive red fabric paint this time! Make sure your brush is not too soaked with the bleach solution, or you will end up dropping it all over your shirt. Although the splattered bleach is kinda cool.
I'm sure you will come up with much cuter images than this but this was my best at trying it for the first time...
After getting your desired look, immediately rinse under running water. Thoroughly. This will stop the bleach from setting in more. Wash in the washing machine for best results by itself with no soap. I used the sink since I didn't want to waste too much water from the washing machine.
My spooky little monster is ready to scare the neighborhood!

  1. Use a bleach pen for more accurate lines.
  2. Use bleach products in a well ventilated area.
  3. Sketch out your design with chalk first then trace with bleach brush.
  4. Have a fun and wonderful Halloween!
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  1. This is super! What a great idea---and a perfect activity for a teen or preteen halloween party. Thanks!

  2. Do you think the Tide bleaching pens would work just as good?


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