Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to make a Lipstick Palette. No more Half Tubes of Lipsticks!

I want to show you an inexpensive way to make a lipstick palette. I used an eyeshadow kit and paid only $2! You can basically get any size that best suits you. You can find them at any cosmetic store.  When I started making this palette, I couldnt believe I didnt do this sooner. It's so easy. I carry this palette on vacation or long weekends away. It saves me so much space for other important shoes :)

This container can hold up to 12 different colors and brands of lipsticks.

Things you will need:
  • Eyeshadow kit-any size you wish
  • Sharp pointy knife
  • Favorite lipsticks 
  • Pan or flat bakeware for stovetop - use low heat please

I love to organize and sometimes feel its a bit on the OCD side but it can be a good thing. I gathered all of the shades of lipsticks that I use and started melthing them into a palette. It's actually ALOT of fun and cool too.

I used a very pointy paring knife. Anything with a sharp, flat point will do.

I didnt put this kit over any heat to remove the little pots (individual containers) I simply dug them out with the sharp knife-I didnt mind if the eyeshadows cracked because I have to discard them anyway.

After you wash the little pots with soap and water, make sure they are completely dry. Find your favorite shade of lipstick and cut a little piece at a time.

Using the same knife, flatten as much of the lipstick as possible. This prevents air bubbles when the melting process occurs.

Place on a skillet or any flat pan over low heat. Please DO NOT put in the microwave :) I have to say it, You never know someone might think its a good idea...If there is a little bit of glue that is still on the bottom of the tiny pot (which is good when you place them back into the palette) place a paper towel on the skillet first then the pot. This will save your skillet from burning the glue and creating a mess.

As it starts to melt, I noticed that it still had room for some more lipstick! And if you see any air bubbles, pop em' with the same pointy knife.

 OK much better, I added more to it and it looks even to the surface. YAY.

Let it cool for at least 10-15 minutes. I was too much in a rush and picked it up too soon. Now there is a pink mess all over my skillet and stove...Notice the photo above and below has a spill stain?  So be a little patient and wait. Oh, and by the way, doing this does not change the color or texture.
You can label them in the back of each pot or in the back of the palette itself for easy replacement or identification. Also, if the glue is no longer on the bottom of the pots and does not stay in the palette, just add some. Any rubbery glue will work. Use one drop for this size palette.
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  1. awesome idea trish! will try during the thanksgiving break. thanks for sharing. :)


  2. Wow! What a novel idea...why didn't I think of this sooner :) great way to use up those last bits of lipstick that you can't quite reach on the tube!

  3. Love this idea! You should start making youtube tutorials!

  4. Thanks girls, thank you for the great feedback!

  5. Can't wait to do this! I long to have all those colors at my fingertips!..

  6. And you can use the eyeshadow to make your own nail polish.

    Thanks for this tut.


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