Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY Mood Lighting-In Under ONE Minute!

When I bought this night-light lamp about 4 years ago for the kids room, I always bought colored bulbs in yellow or orange for it. Those bulbs added a warm and cozy mood to the room. As the years went by I realized that they were not always so easy to find and they can get pretty pricey. 

Recently, the bulb blew and I asked hubby to pick up a new one at the local hardware store. Not knowing that I needed a warm and cozy bulb, (of course) he bought a bright, (brighter than the sun) LED bulb. He said they were energy efficient so I didn't bother to have him return it. For about a week or so we had to place a sheet over the lamp to dim it's glare. It was so bright I was afraid it would wake the kids from their sleep. 

I realized I had these awesome paints in my craft bin. This was exactly what I needed to solve my issue. This stuff is great on glass, ceramic and tiles. You can find them at Michaels craft stores. 

NOTE: Since this is an LED bulb, it is ok to paint because it does not drive heat like regular bulbs do. Please DO NOT paint regular bulbs. Be sure to only use glass paint.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

DIY Ring: Great Holiday Gift Idea

Love DIY jewelry? So do I. I featured a few holiday jewelry crafts before and I get great responses from them so I decided to do another one. This is a very simple tutorial but it has a great impact as a final piece.

Things you will need:

  1. Silver or gold shiny trimmings from the fabric or craft store
  2. Needle nose pliers or anything to pinch a curve in the wire
  3. Galvanized thin wire
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CUTEST Snowball Decor: A Fun Kiddie Craft!


Looking for a cool kid craft to entertain your little ones? We've been facing some serious cold weather lately, so our weekends are mostly spent indoors doing lots of reading, playtime and of course, crafts. Today we made a snowball family to display for Christmas. It's super inexpensive and so much fun for the kids to be creative. At first, I wanted to cover the foam balls in white, clear glitter but I realized how sparkly they were as is. I saved my glitter! They looked like crushed ice snow cones.  

Things you will need:
  1. Different sized foam craft balls from the craft store
  2. Googly eyes
  3. Mini twigs
  4. Felt sheets for scarves
  5. Scissor
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