Monday, July 30, 2012

My Family ROCKS!! Easiest Kids Craft EVER!


On our recent family trip away, the kids and I gathered a few rocks to keep as souvenirs...They, for some reason, were obsessed with these rocks at the lobby entrance of the hotel. The rocks were rounded, clean and had all sizes. Each night, each of my sons would pick a rock to play with. If it kept them calm and happy, we were OK with them even taking it to dinner at night :) 

Below, is just a few that we've gathered. I helped pick out a few that resembled us...I wanted to make a googly eyed family portrait with these babies. Yeah, I'm always thinking of more crafts to do, even on vacation.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Affordable Washable Paint: Genius


I found these amazing paints at the craft store...I now have NO FEAR of paints+kids in the house. They come in huge bottles and cost next to nothing. I bought them in every color available and even bought a 25 pack sponge brush set... The kids were about to have some messy paint fun :)
Click Link  Colorations Simply Washable Tempura Paints 16oz. $1.99 each! Also in Gallons.
Since I work at a printing company, I am always looking for bits and pieces of paper and canvas that is stripped off and not needed. We print on every material imaginable and there are always some amazing scrap material hanging around. Love that.

I know how happy the kids get when they see huge blank surfaces and paint! which kid wouldn't be? Below is a strip of clean yummy canvas that mamma brought home...wish I had rolled it instead of folding it but ah well...

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Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Ruffled Floor Mat: Use a Towel and Cheap Fabric!

For those of you who love the Ruffled Place mats I did a few weeks ago, here is another quick project to do. Instead of using an old place mat, I used an old bath towel. It was the perfect size to make a floor mat out of and thin enough to sew on.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cute Foods For Kids: Strawberry Flowers!


Hello all. I found these beautiful strawberries at the local market. They were perfect with no bruises! I just wanted to share what I did today in order to entice the picky little eaters in my life to eat more fruits. They used to be a big fan of strawberries but that seems to be changing  very fast. Now, I have to work a bit harder to prep fruits. I try to make something out of them: animals, flowers, trees, you name it...In this case I made a flower.
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Family Trip Keepsakes to Treasure Forever...


Hello all. For our family trip this year, I wanted to do the 'handprint in the sand' keepsake craft with the kiddies on the beach. I packed a Ziploc bag filled with Plaster of Paris and could not wait to hit the beach.

I was really afraid to get arrested at the airport with such a suspicious looking package, so hubby labeled it: PLASTER of PARIS-NOT DRUGS...Hilarious.

Full tutorial posted on where I am the monthly craft contributor.

Please share with other moms that would love to do this on their next family vacation. It truly is amazing keepsakes and priceless. Plaster of Paris and play sand can be found at any home improvement stores.

Enjoy everyone!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Budget Friendly DIY: Mix New Nail Polish Shades!


Hello all! I just wanted to share a quick beauty trick with everyone before the weekend. I used this trick all through my high school years and it worked great. I used to mix and dilute the colors of my nail polish in order to create new and exciting colors for myself.

Now, years later, I'm still mixing but using a slightly higher quality nail polish--ESSIE: This is personally my favorite brand. They last forever and do not chip like other moderately priced brands out there - I only own a few and they are all different shades of pale and pastel pinks. Pale pinks go well with my skin tone and I tend to stick with what works well...
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Ruffled Place Mats, So Fabulous!

As early as two or three years old, I was told I had a keen interest in watching my grandmother sit and sew for hours. I remember the view I had sitting near her. She had a cool used Singer machine that had the manual foot pedal. She would make anything from pillow cases, kitchen floor mats, dish towels, aprons, even dresses for my sister and I. Sometimes our dresses would match the kitchen floor mats and hand towels! Not cool but we knew no better at the time. Granny would use whatever leftover scrap material she had and made something else with it. I was born in Guyana (South America), and at that time, nothing went to waste. I am sure it was like that (and still is) in a lot of countries. Up-cycling and recycling was a way of life and a must.

So, here I am, 34 plus years later, and I am asking her how she really made some of the things she made...particularly her ruffled floor mats. As a child, I saw her making them and saw the end results but never had it really explained. She used to make these beautiful ruffled mats with tiny pieces of scrap cloth of different patterns and colors...I absolutely love them.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Box Car Drive-in-Movie! Perfect Party Idea!

I suggested, to a few moms, that we do a Drive-in-Movie night and a good friend of ours agreed to host it. She  happens to have a beautiful, spacious yard. This idea quickly formed and happened almost right away since it was a beautiful weekend ahead with no chance of rain...for once!

This Drive-in-Movie idea has to be one of the coolest activity I've ever seen for kids. It's easy, super creative, inexpensive and packed with tons of fun. It keeps them busy for hours...what more can a parent ask for? I saw this on a few blogs out there but the first time was here. They had a ticket booth, popcorn stand and everything set up! Way cool.
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