Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Make Your Own UNIQUE Cake Toppers!

Hello there, I have been working on a video tutorial all weekend--My first ever. The video shows you how to make a monkey sculpture out of polymer clay (which is non-toxic). The clay then gets baked then painted--Trust me, you do not have to have any sculpting experience to do this one. I made a similar cake topper for my youngest son's first birthday cake and it came out pretty cute. Sooooo, I would love to show you how I made it. His birthday theme was a jungle/monkey theme and it was my goal to make his cake topper which can be saved as a keepsake or memorabilia. Of course, I had to have something to save for this special milestone.

Things you will need:
  1. Super Sculpey or any bake-able Non-Toxic Polymer Clay
  2. Oven/Baking Pan
  3. Acrylic Paints-Non Toxic
  4. Hot Glue Gun or any Glue (for tree)
  5. Silk or Real Leaves (for tree)

See images below. I re-made this one just to show you step by step instructions and I think this one came out way better than the first. I also included photos of the party and some additional ideas for the party room decorations. See the video tutorial at the bottom of this post.

These are the actual photos from his first birthday--I ordered a plain, basic cake made with just green piping and simple flowers. I then placed my monkey and trees where I wanted them. For these trees below, I used real leaves from my house plant and glued them on. I scattered candy bananas around the table and on the cake...I didn't expect purple flowers to be on there since it was for a boy but it looked really cute.
He loved his cake!
Below, are photos of how I decorated the party room. I hung stuffed monkeys on vines that I tied to the chandeliers. I was very surprised that the manager allowed me to do this, but she was very excited to see monkeys hanging on her chandeliers. For the tables, I chose green napkins and had a simple centerpiece. I bought tons of green Thai leaves at the wholesale flower district in NYC and attached mini foam bananas to them (my version of a banana plant). I bought wastebaskets that looked like the monkey in the theme and used them as vases for long branches. These filled empty areas and was extremely budget friendly. I bought palm plants and scattered them all around the room and dance floor. To hide the ugly basic plastic planter, I covered them in burlap fabric and tied them with rope. It's helpful to find a character that signifies your theme then build your party decor from that. I found these stuffed monkeys at babies r us and made my party invites, cake topper etc. based off of them. They are adorable!

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