Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Ruffled Floor Mat: Use a Towel and Cheap Fabric!

For those of you who love the Ruffled Place mats I did a few weeks ago, here is another quick project to do. Instead of using an old place mat, I used an old bath towel. It was the perfect size to make a floor mat out of and thin enough to sew on.

Cut your fabric in strips of 3.5 inches wide. Fold  in half and make ruffles. Lots and lots of them...I used about ten yards of cheap fabric for this. It was $1.99 a yard and I'm sure you can get it even cheaper than that. Any fabric will do. I chose these colors because I wanted a pattern to look like a manicured lawn/garden viewed for above. With roses :) I chose two different shades of green and a fuchsia for the 'roses' These colors also went well with our decor and fabrics in our bedroom. Below is my awesome grandma sewing away tons of ruffles...Love how she prefers her spool of thread on the floor and on top of my prized tequila bottle...still unopened.
Depending on how thick you want your rows of ruffles, sew them either far apart or closely to each row.
This is almost complete. I had to do a quick fabric run because granny ran out of fabric for the sides! She started doing the rows thicker and closer to each other and that used more fabric than expected. The middle part (lighter green) was done a bit more spaced out so it needed less fabric (3 yards)

If you are wondering why there is a break in color (in the lighter green section), it was sewn with both sides of ruffles facing in towards the middle. Take note when sewing how the ruffles will look when facing a certain direction.
For the roses, make the same ruffles and wrap it until it forms a flower. Sew it in place...
How beautiful...especially knowing that my amazing grandmother made this for me. I will cherish it forever.
Place a cheap rubber mat from the dollar store to make it non-sliding. Also non skid matting under it can be found at IKEA

Please share and feel free to ask questions...
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  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    love it

  2. adorable....

  3. A beautiful project, well done!

  4. I love this project...wondering if the fabrics are sheers? and have you washed a ruffled project before?

    1. They are not sheers, any fabric can be used and yes wash in the gentle cycle and hang dry.

  5. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!


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