Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Perfect Stencils: Made from Sponges...

Nothing is more fun and exciting than being able to do an at-home t-shirt design. One that looks somewhat professional and is super cheap to do that is! Kids of all ages absolutely love doing this.

Things you will need:
  1. Black fabric paint
  2. T-Shirt
  3. Regular dish washing sponge
  4. Marker
My sponge is about 3.5"X5". 
Make the following marks on your sponge...

This explains it much better when cut apart. I used a scissor to cut out. Keep the scraps in case you need dots for your i's etc...I kept the cut out part of my small semi circle and used it back to back creating a period mark.
Our 4 pieces...
Place a paper plate between your t-shirt.
Place fabric paint on another paper or ceramic plate. Spread the paint thinly enough so that when dipping our sponge stencils, there will not be a glob of paint stuck onto it...
These are our 4 piece stencil that can be used for almost, if not all letters...

One big letter i
One big letter c (semi-circle)
One small letter i
One small letter c (semi-circle)
Using the big letter i and the small letter c, You can create P's and B's...
With the small letter C's, you can create O's and A's etc...
The small letter C and Small letter i, creates lower case A. See below...
Happy Painting and Creating!
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  1. Good idea! It's reusable and I like the "unfinished" look!! :)


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