Thursday, March 10, 2011

Embellish Your Cheap Tank Tops With Your Own Jewelry!

There is just something about reusing beautiful things that you already have on hand to make something else that's even more beautiful. I paired a favorite (but getting boring) tank top with a bracelet that I had laying around for years...and what a difference!

Things you will need:
  • Any clothing piece (tank top, dress, belt etc.)
  • Unused jewelry pieces 
  • Gem-Tac
  • Felt fabric

This is the tank top that I have used to the point where it's had it's days! It's screaming for a makeover!
I picked a piece of jewelry that I loved as a bracelet but I had it for years but never really wore it with any of my outfits-It was just pretty to look at in the jewelry box (pile).
It is held together with an elastic thread so it was very easy to cut and remove the pieces.
 It has amazing colors that I could not capture with my camera...
First, figure out where and how you would like to attach your gem pieces on your tank top. Play around  with it.
I liked this design.
These gem pieces were really hard to hand stitch on because of the 4 holes underneath the gems. That was a huge pain so I decided to do it another way (much easier way).
I placed my flower pattern onto felt fabric and traced the shape and cut it out-choose a color of felt that blends well with the gems and the fabric of the tank top.

When you are done with cutting out the shape on felt, use Gem Tac to glue the jewelry pieces onto the felt.  Gem Tac is amazing on fabrics and the clothing piece can be washed after 24 hours.  Safe to machine wash.  After your gem pieces are all glued to the felt, you can then glue that onto you tank top!  This was so easy and quick!
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  1. Such a cute idea! I actually had a bracelet watch fall apart on me just this morning and I snapped all the pieces figuring I could rework them into a I have an idea! Thanks.

  2. Hey Heather,
    Thanks, let me know if you have any problems!

  3. This is really nice....I have so many broken older Jewelry I can use for this :-)

  4. Thanks Natalie! Yes, I never throw away broken jewelry...

  5. I've been keeping broken accessories and jewelry and you gave me an idea of how to use them. Aside from using in clothes they would also look great in my scrapbook pages.! A big thanks for sharing this!


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