Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun Foods for Kids: Cute Cheesy Sunflowers!

Here is round 3 of my quest on how to feed a picky toddler.  In the middle of the night I had this great idea to make a healthy snack with the abundance of block cheese that I have my refrigerator...pretty sunflowers! Great for kids or adult parties. This can also be used to entertain adults at a wine and cheese gathering. YUM. This tutorial was inspired by gourmetmomonthego  I found it while trying to figure out the best way to make them.

I used an 8oz. block cheese and sliced it into roughly 3/18th of an inch pieces. Shown in blue.
I then sliced each slice into half diagonally creating triangles.  Shown in blue.
This sunflower is 14 cheese petals laid in a circle. Make sure the longer side of the triangle slice is all facing one direction.
Lay another 14 petals laid on top in between the bottom layer of petals.
Should look like this.
Make sure its round. Add seedless grapes, raisins or cubes of any other fruit.
I stole some petals from the big sunflower and made a smaller one using 6 petals laid on the bottom and 6 on top.
For the stems, I used celery sticks cut into 3 or 4 inches. Slice them very thin but leave them wide. Use some of the leaves that are in the center of the celery bunch as the sunflower leaves.
 Hmmm...someone kept stealing my grapes!

Check out Pasta Nest and Octo-Dog for kids!!!

Use different color cheeses to make a variety of sunflowers. 
To make a daisy-use white cheese for petals and use carrots for the middle.
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  1. Cool!!!!! This Will be my superbowl fruit and cheese platter:-)

  2. wow, that`s so sunny :)

  3. love this!!! Im our newest follower. I also liked the link on your side bars! come visit my site. Im also a newer blogger


  4. Hi, first up, sorry for my english (im from spain), but i must say i looooove your blog, and of course your ideas!!
    so im following u now! and thnx a lot for share all u know with us!
    lot of love from spain! thanks again! see ya!

  5. Thanks for the very sweet comment, glad to have you aboard!

  6. I love your ideas! Thanks for posting. I also have a picky eater at home whom I try to please with fun dishes. I posted them in my blog. Feel free to look at them.

  7. I love this! Perfect for a party!!!

  8. These are so awesome, cannot wait to try with my little ones!!

  9. Great idea! This would be perfect for a birthday party. Stopping over from the DBM Top 9 :-)

    1. Thanks for visiting me Chrissy! Hope to hear from you more often :)


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