Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cheap Flowers Revamped Beautiful...

My 'list' of crafty things I want to get done are never ending--I have so much to share with you all and so little time to do them. My husband, my craft assistant at times, saw my list once and almost fell off his chair laughing when he saw the title of this flower project. I had it written as 'create new flower species'. He knows I'm pretty darn crafty but...a scientist??

I knew what I meant when I wrote it down. I wanted to take the ever so mis-understood carnation flower and turn it into an unrecognizable flower. I did this years ago with a bouquet of red carnations for my mom and she could not tell what they were. Score.

Below, as you can see, I opened the green petal-like area (sepals) that encased the flower petals...
Who knew carnations could look this pretty? Clip off all the unopened buds. Those are a sure give away that they are carnations in disguise...
I would totally do this for a party/event. It's affordable, probably always in season and so beautiful!
I kept moving it around the house to get different lighting in the shots...The insides of the flowers are bright green. Who knew? So pretty...
Imagine these in deep red or pink? It really is beautiful to look at. Maybe because our eyes do not recognize them as normal? This bouquet cost me $6.00 retail. I am pretty sure I can get them even cheaper at the wholesale flower district on 28th street NYC. Not bad for a centerpiece. Great idea for those budget conscious couples who want the Glamour And Glitz without its costs. Enjoy!!!
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  1. what a clever idea.

  2. How long did the blooms last? I'm wondering if I do this the day before my wedding if the flowers would last, especially at an outdoor wedding in September in the DC area? (humid and hot). I love your site by the way, I started to pin everything, but then I'd end up pinning the whole site! Thanks for all of your ideas!

    1. Hello Stacy, The blooms lasted about 6-7 days indoors-I am pretty sure they will last through until your wedding day...even though they are forced opened they are still hardy flowers. Hope this helps, congrats on your upcoming wedding- I do hope to see photos of the centerpieces!!


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