Monday, July 30, 2012

My Family ROCKS!! Easiest Kids Craft EVER!

On our recent family trip away, the kids and I gathered a few rocks to keep as souvenirs...They, for some reason, were obsessed with these rocks at the lobby entrance of the hotel. The rocks were rounded, clean and had all sizes. Each night, each of my sons would pick a rock to play with. If it kept them calm and happy, we were OK with them even taking it to dinner at night :) 

Below, is just a few that we've gathered. I helped pick out a few that resembled us...I wanted to make a googly eyed family portrait with these babies. Yeah, I'm always thinking of more crafts to do, even on vacation.

Things you may need:
  1. Rocks the mini' size and shape of your family
  2. Googly eyes
  3. Hot glue gun or any strong glue
  4. Tissue paper
  5. Shadow box from IKEA 
  6. Shapies or paint
Besides food, googly eyes are a MUST in all households, especially when you have kids. I paste them on everything. Their cups, clothes, books, walls, shoes, toy cars and boats...They love it.
I have them in all sizes...
I chose two sized eyes for each 'person'. You can barely see it in this shot below, but one eye is smaller than the other...It just adds more goofiness to them. Hot glue the eyes on and set aside.

Grab your shadow box and fill the bottom with tissue paper. I chose blue as my ocean-beach look.
Doing this helps the rocks sit straight in the shadow box and prevents them from falling over.
Place what ever scenery you want in the background. Use a photo from the trip, your children's drawings...or clippings from the hotel/resorts magazine etc. They are so cute!

Write on the frame if you wish.
Outline a mustache, lips and brows with a pencil if you wish. Then, when you are satisfied with the faces, use a Sharpie marker to make them permanent. 
Happy Summer Days All!
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