Thursday, June 21, 2012

NO-SEW Up-Cycled Toddler T-Shirts in No Time!

Hello all. So here is the story behind this quick no-sew craft. My son absolutely loves this monkey pajama top shown above and insists on wearing it all the time...He has outgrown it since last year and cannot understand why I will not allow him to wear it. Believe me I have tried fitting it over his gigantic head just to make him stop whining about it but no luck. It is way too tiny.

Here was my quick thinking solution. I grabbed my scissor and cut the cute little monkey out. You can cut it exactly around the monkey or leave some of the white fabric around it.

The (larger) T-Shirt I was placing the monkey on was white, so it didn't really matter. Just make sure to trim it neatly.
I used this Heat Stitch glue that bonds when ironed on. This stuff is great! It can be found in most craft stores. If you do not have this. No stress. Just hand sew or machine sew to attach.
I globbed the gluey product onto the back of the monkey and applied it in a thin even layer. Make sure to read and follow instructions before use. Apply neatly around edges...
Place carefully onto T-Shirt...
Place iron on low setting with a heat-resistant fabric over the monkey. I used a cotton sheet.
Iron for about 60 seconds and that's it! You're done! Oh yeah, this is permanent and machine washable.
He wore it to sleep that night :) Mommy scores again...He gets to wear his monkey shirt that now fits! I tried to get a good photo of him with it on...but he was way too busy trying to put his socks on his hands. This is the norm for him. He thinks he is a super hero with them on...cute.
This is big brother with it on. Love it that they both can wear the same size clothing!
Just think of all the wonderful art on old, torn t-shirts that you can save and up-cycle!!
Have fun.
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  1. AnonymousJune 21, 2012

    Your son is right, the monkey is too pretty to be thrown away! :)

  2. Oh My goodness! My son thinks he is a super hero when he puts socks on his arms too! Where do they get that?? :)

    Great idea, Thanks for sharing :)


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