Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dollar Store Candles for Wedding Centerpieces

Want to make beautiful custom candles for gifts or special events cheaply? There are so many ways to make custom candles from plain, dollar store candles. The possibilities are endless but here is just one more cool way to do this.

Things you will need:
  1. Dollar Store or cheap candles
  2. Scrap candles or tea lights
  3. Sauce pot and small glass container
  4. Flexible mold of any kind or design
Tea lights in white worked for this diy...I bought this mold at Michaels in the baking/ fondant section.
Place your scooped out tea light in the glass jar. Place the glass jar into the pot with an inch of water. Boil until melted. It turns clear!
Dip and pour into your mold with a small spoon.
Wait about 10-15 minutes, depending on your mold...when hard, it should turn thick and opaque.
If you want to add color, use other scrap candle around the house. I wanted pink flowers so I blended the white and red candle wax.
Use the left over wax that has hardened a bit to adhere the flower to the candle.
The flexible mold allows you to pop the molded flowers out easily...

You can also use the completely melted wax to stick the flowers on...it dries just as fast. Apply thinly.
If any wax runs off to the side, just wipe it off quickly. It, however, dries clear since it's a thin layer of white wax.
When hardened, use a toothpick to scrape off any excess.
It really is this simple to do...It was a lot of fun watching the flowers form and pop out of the molds so perfectly.
For a couple getting married, you can put their monogram on it. You can add glitter to the flowers etc.
So pretty!
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