Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daily Reminders to Give Love...

Hello all. I just wanted to share something that I came across on another blog that really inspired me. It's from nineaplenty and it's the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time and it's so simple! It's a
hanging board filled with writings to remind us of how love works. Yes, as sad as it sounds, we need to remind ourselves sometimes how to love. We often get carried away by focusing on what we are NOT getting from our loved ones and in turn become just as selfish with our own love. In our busy schedules and daily routines, it's nice to bump into a reminder on the wall that just makes you realize what this life is really all about. Loved ones. Giving love. Kindness. Patience. Selflessness.

I say hang a board where the entire family can see it on a daily basis. The dining room works best if you all dine together. The living room works if your family spends most of their time in there together...

I love the part: To love is to give, what are you giving?

-Make your own. Make one for mothers day and hang it in her room. Tell her how much you appreciate her-It's better than a card!
-Make one for your bratty teenage son or daughter-they often forget the time spent raising them :)
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