Saturday, November 3, 2012

Best Guacamole. Ever...

Hello all. I just wanted to share a quick recipe with you all. My all time, favorite thing in the entire world to eat. Guacamole. I learned how to make this about ten years ago while visiting a cute, little latin restaurant in Queens, New York. Hubby (boyfriend at the time) and I watched the waiter/chef prepare this amazing appetizer at our table. I insisted that he explained all the sprinkles and dashes of this and that as he went along. From then on, I was known to make a pretty mean guacamole. It's a simple yet super tasty concoction I must say...Here's how.

My Recipe

  1. Three ripe Haas avocados
  2. Two plum tomatoes
  3. Two or Three jalapeno peppers
  4. One large tablespoon chopped cilantro leaves and stems
  5. One teaspoon red onion
  6. One teaspoon olive oil
  7. One teaspoon dried oregano
  8. Half teaspoon sea salt
  9. One lime, juiced
Start by slicing your avocado vertically until your knife hits the seed inside. Then rotate the fruit until you have sliced it all around...
Twist open as shown.
To properly remove the seed, chop your knife into it as shown. Make sure it is sitting on the counter or chopping board when you do this. Don't hold it :) When it is secure on the knife (deep into the seed) hold the bottom of the fruit and twist it off. It's an old trick I know, but it's cool!
Use a butter (dull ended) knife to slice vertically through the fruit as shown below. Be sure not to slice through its' skin.
Next, slice horizontal lines. This should make cubes!!
Use a tablespoon to scoop the cubes out.
Pretty neat huh?
I started mixing the stems into my guacamole recipe. It adds way more flavor and crunch to the dish than just the leaves alone.
Slice and dice your jalapeno peppers. Use one, two or three depending on how much heat you crave. Remove the seeds also if you want less heat.
I used a tablespoon of diced red onion--add more if you wish.
Choose firm plum tomatoes. They dice really well and have less pulp.
Remove all the pulp if any...
To get the MOST juice out of your lime you can use a juicer OR...
...use my lazy method. Use a tablespoon (because its big) and insert it deep into your lime half as shown. Rotate and twist the spoon until all the juice falls into your bowl below.
It's VERY efficient and no juicer to clean up :)
Add a teaspoon of dried oregano. If you do not have that you can use ground oregano (half teaspoon).
Add one teaspoon olive oil. This makes the guacamole's texture extra creamy...
I love this stuff.
Use one flattened (leveled) teaspoon of sea salt. Start out with half of a teaspoon. Mix in well, taste, then add more if necessary.
And that is it. I'm very sure you will absolutely love this recipe. Serve it with long plantain chips...

  1. To keep your guacamole from turning brown during your party or dinner, lightly squeeze lemon juice over the top.
  2. Or leave the pit/seeds inside the guacamole.
Don't forget to leave me your comments! Enjoy.
Here is a very useful avocado video.
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  1. I know this is true! your guac is fantastic!


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