Saturday, December 1, 2012

CUTEST Snowball Decor: A Fun Kiddie Craft!

Looking for a cool kid craft to entertain your little ones? We've been facing some serious cold weather lately, so our weekends are mostly spent indoors doing lots of reading, playtime and of course, crafts. Today we made a snowball family to display for Christmas. It's super inexpensive and so much fun for the kids to be creative. At first, I wanted to cover the foam balls in white, clear glitter but I realized how sparkly they were as is. I saved my glitter! They looked like crushed ice snow cones.  

Things you will need:
  1. Different sized foam craft balls from the craft store
  2. Googly eyes
  3. Mini twigs
  4. Felt sheets for scarves
  5. Scissor
I had originally bought these different sizes with the intention of making snowmen but I decided to make snowballs instead. I have lots left over for the snowmen though...up coming craft :)
Of course I brought out the googly eyes! I almost started to glue them on but realized that if I pressed the eyes really hard into the surface of the foam, that they actually stayed nestled pretty well. Nice! I saved some glue!
Press firmly!
I cut about 3/4 of an inch of felt. The sheet was 9x12 inches so my strip was 9 inches long. This was kinda short to wrap around my largest foam ball, so I stretched it. See the comparison below. Both 9 inches in length but one is pulled and stretched out...
I didn't end up using that dark brown color, so I used yellows, red and green instead. More festive.
Wrap the scarves just so that it covers their mouth area with one knot.
You can even cut out cute little mittens for them...(didn't end up using them but CUTE).
If you want to stack the little snowball family for display, you can skewer them together...
Place the large ball on a votive glass holder. Skewer them by size, tilt them if you want but either way, it is adorable...
If you want to hang them on your christmas tree, use thin rope, ribbon, thread or what ever you have available.
To insert the hanging rope: Make a loop. Make a hole on top of the foam ball and insert the knotted portion into the hole. Fill with hot glue or any glue so that it is secure.
Oh yeah, stick little twigs in their sides for hands...(try not to tickle them).
Happy Holidays Everyone! Enjoy & Please leave me some comments!
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  1. Those are adorable. Love your creations. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks Marisa. Have a wonderful holiday also !!

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