Thursday, July 26, 2012

Affordable Washable Paint: Genius

I found these amazing paints at the craft store...I now have NO FEAR of paints+kids in the house. They come in huge bottles and cost next to nothing. I bought them in every color available and even bought a 25 pack sponge brush set... The kids were about to have some messy paint fun :)
Click Link  Colorations Simply Washable Tempura Paints 16oz. $1.99 each! Also in Gallons.
Since I work at a printing company, I am always looking for bits and pieces of paper and canvas that is stripped off and not needed. We print on every material imaginable and there are always some amazing scrap material hanging around. Love that.

I know how happy the kids get when they see huge blank surfaces and paint! which kid wouldn't be? Below is a strip of clean yummy canvas that mamma brought home...wish I had rolled it instead of folding it but ah well...

Pour the paints in paper plates. Hand them their brushes and stay near! When you leave for a quick minute, this is when you return to find surprise art on the walls and furniture.

This is the one (below) I have to be weary of. He does not take 'don't paint on the wall' seriously...
Dress them in their oldest t-shirts...even though it's washable paint.
Just let them have their fun...don't worry too much about the mess they make. Everything can be cleaned...especially with these kind of paints.
He decides to do hand prints, footprints...Some got on the floor but it is easily wiped off with baby wipes or a wet cloth.
Happy summer days all.
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