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How to ROCK Fake Lashes...Step by Step Instructions!!!

I wanted to share an easy, step by step beauty tip: Fabulous Fake Lashes...It's a quick, easy step from looking frumpy to fab in minutes. I discovered them about two years ago.   I was a bit late reading the How to Be Fabulous memo :) Working in New York city, Fashion City, I noticed a lot more women wearing them on a daily basis. To work, to the supermarket, to the park etc. It's not only worn on special nights or events anymore. I found them really affordable at this store in Manhattan, New York...just doors down from work. They charge about $2.50 for lashes. That's dirt cheap!! helena collection --They have an amazing selection of wigs, hairpieces and lashes. They have a very famous list of clientele posted all over their walls. I started experimenting with lashes and got hooked. I shared this with a lot of my fabulous female peers and they love it.  I'll show you how to apply fake lashes in no time.
Kim Kardashian: Do you really think she was born with those lashes?? She is never seen without them! I don't blame her, they look amazing...She probably wears eyelash extensions instead of the fake strip lashes. Those are individual fake lashes that are applied and glued one by one onto your individual lashes.  See below (way below for eyelash extension info).

Things you will need:
  • Fake strip lashes of your choice
  • DUO brand lashes glue
  • Scissor, if necessary

Fake strip lashes application: First, you want to look for the lashes that have the CLEAR spacing on the lash line. See below. They are actually easier to apply (for me at least). The ones with the thicker lash lines are harder to glue on and does not always stay on at the ends when applied...
This is very important: In order to apply and wear them comfortably without feeling them pinching at the corners of your eyes, you must measure them.  Not everyone have the same size eyes, so the fake lashes may or may not need trimming. Measure the length of the fake lashes to your top eyelid. Just place them near enough and get a rough idea of how much you need to clip off before gluing them on. Below, I've placed red lines at each corner of the top eyelid to show where the fake lashes should be placed. Notice that your real eyelashes do not grow or reach to the corner of your eyelids. When trimming the lashes to your length, cut from the inner corner of the fake lashes (shorter end that is close to your nose). This way your lashes remain long at the other end. Excuse my crappy drawing.
Remember when taking the lashes out of the box, which one is left and right. When you clip off the  inner corners, its hard to tell sometimes. Do not mix them up! Although, not all lashes are longer on one side. Some lashes are the same length on both ends but longer in the middle.  Use the DUO glue because it works much much better than the glue that comes with most lashes from the drugstores. Duo glue also dries clear. Place a small pea size glob on the back of your hands. Drag the lash line in the glue. I usually put on my eye makeup first. Put enough glue, especially on both ends so that the lash does not lift up when applied.  It's not a good look trying to be sexy while your lashes are all messed up :)

  • Choose lashes that fits your face.
  • Too big or long lashes over powers the face and obviously looks too fake.
  • When applying the glue to the false lash- let the glue become tacky for a few seconds but not too long to cause it to dry.
  • Curl your real lashes if they are too straight before applying fake lashes.
  • Apply eyeliner before you apply lashes, it hides the fake lash line a bit more.
  • After applying the lash to the eyelid, hold the corners down gently for 10 seconds until glue dries.
  • I recommend applying a gentle brush of mascara to your real lashes after putting the fake ones on, just to blend them together.
For individual lash extensions: Try ebenezereyelash in New York City, they have two locations.
Their prices are about $90 dollars. Cash only for some reason. Great deal compared to other salons that offer the same service for $200-$500. They last up to two weeks if cared for properly (this means not sleeping face down on your pillow, rubbing eyes excessively, no long steamy showers etc.) The owner is a bit rude and annoying at times but hey, for $90 you can let that slide.  Read their site for eyelash extension care.  This is great for soon to be brides- it'll last throughout the honeymoon! (you will wake up looking extra flirty and sexy)  Please forward this to anyone that has a wedding or a special event coming up...Like I said, in a fashionable city like New York, this is worn by almost everyone, special event or not. It's OK to be glamorous just because.
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